Progress is progress, no matter how small

I skipped the gym on Tuesday and decided to work out in my living room, instead. I’ve been watching Lost on Netflix lately and the idea of being lost in a jungle on a deserted island is a great motivator. You never know when you’ll get chased by a wild boar, flaming arrows or a smoke monster! πŸ˜‰


I did body weight exercises, but still got pretty sweaty. I really like these exercises because I can do them anywhere and still get a decent workout – no barbell needed!

I did four sets of the following exercises:

20 Hand-release pushups
20 Squats
20 Mountain climbers
20 Lunges (per leg)
20 Plank jacks
20 Surrender squats

I know I got a good workout, because my sit-down muscles were sore the next day. Those muscles haven’t felt sore in awhile!

Wednesday is interval day, so I knew I’d be able to zip through my workout pretty quickly. I decided to do .25-mile recovery jogs instead of .5-mile recovery jogs to make the time go by faster.

My workout:

1-mile warm-up
1-mile @ 7:32
.25-mile jog
1-mile @7:30
.25-mile jog
1-mile @7:20
.25-mile jog
1-mile @7:12
.25-mile jog

I was happy that I had negative splits, but disappointed that I didn’t break a 7:00-minute mile. However, last time I did this workout, my overall pace was slower during the 1-mile “sprints” and I was doing .5-mile jogs between each mile. So, my speed and recovery are improving. Progress is progress πŸ™‚



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