A beautiful day in the neighborhood

The weather was absolutely gorgeous on Saturday! And that’s a good thing, because I slept until 7:30 in the morning and didn’t start running until 9:15. A few weeks ago, this would have been a miserable run, but there was a nice breeze and it didn’t get hot until I was almost finished. I can’t wait until it cools off enough that I can sleep in every morning 🙂

I felt pretty strong after a week of low-mileage runs, so I decided to run my 12 miles as close to marathon pace as possible. I’ve decided that my goal is to finish in under four hours. It would be great to run faster, but I’m not going put more pressure on myself. After all, my last marathon took four hours and 39 minutes, so that’s still a huge difference. If I can finish in under four hours, I’ll plan to run my next marathon in February and give myself a faster goal time.

DSCN1142Once I finished my run, I took a quick shower before heading to an appointment with my masseuse. I’ve been going to the same lady for a couple years and she is amazing! She does deep tissue massage, which can be painful, but I feel like she gets all the kinks out. It’s also fun to hear her stories while she beats away at my back 🙂

I spent the rest of the day antiquing, then went out with a group of friends that night. Overall, a pretty perfect Saturday!


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