Post-marathon recovery + planning for the next one

I feel like I’m recovering much quicker than expected from my marathon. I blame all the Emergen-C I’ve been drinking over the past few days. I wish I had discovered that stuff sooner, since it would’ve made a huge difference during training.

I ran a 5k on the treadmill yesterday to see how my legs feel and they’re still far from “normal.” There’s a lot of stiffness in my calves and I had a hard time building up to my normal speed. When I entered my time into my pace calculator, I saw that the last 3-mile run was about three minutes faster. I’m not too concerned, though, since I read on Camille Herron’s blog that it can take up to two weeks to feel normal again. I’m doing a 5k this weekend (because it’s free!) and the next race that I’m training for is almost a month away.

Since I’m finished with marathon training, I’ve been researching races and planning for my next marathon. I want to do one in the spring, when it’s still chilly. I also want it to be far enough away to give me ample training time, but not too close to our wedding day in April. I’ve considered Hilton Head’s inaugural marathon and I’ve also considered the Myrtle Beach marathon, since it’s closer to home. Both races are in February, which would be a nice time to run.

Yesterday, my mom forwarded me an email announcing the Asheville Marathon, which is taking place at the Biltmore Estate on March 16, 2014. I’ve run a couple 15k’s at the Biltmore Estate and the course is incredibly beautiful. Also, Biltmore Estate is where Brian and I went for our first trip together, so it’s special to both of us. Why on earth would I NOT run a marathon there?!


It took me about two minutes to make up my mind and about five minutes to register. I feel a bit silly signing up for a race so early – especially a marathon – but, I know from past experience that any race at Biltmore Estate is going to sell out fast. So… here goes nothing!


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