Breaking Free 5k

After a week of post-marathon “taking it easy,” I felt almost ready for my next race. I typically would never sign up for a 5k the week after a marathon, but my company is sponsoring the race – so, it’s free! Also, the race start is about a mile from my house, so there’s a built in warm-up, as well.

I left my house with plenty of time to jog to the start – about 1.2 miles – then hung around and stretched until it was time for the race to begin.

1379534_739258912756885_64355651_nReady… set… GO!

I started out feeling really good, but was breathing much harder than usual. I think my heart is still recovering from the marathon. Either that, or my body is just not used to that pace! I ran my first mile in 6:22, so I definitely started out too fast.

I started slowing down during the second half of the race. There is a hill that makes up the last mile and that’s where things got ugly. I did this race last year and was expecting it, but that didn’t make it any easier!


Almost finished!!

I finished with an overall time of 25:21 (on a slightly long course) – definitely not a PR, but not bad for one week after a marathon! Plus, it gives me a time to beat when I run my next 5k in two weeks.



Won my age group 🙂


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