10 glorious miles

This morning, I ran 10 glorious miles. The weather is beautiful and the leaves are beginning to change, so it was nice to enjoy my run without worrying about how far/long I need to go. My next marathon is five months away, so right now I can do long runs because I want to, not because I have to šŸ™‚

I used my RunKeeper app today, which meant I could listen to music during my run. Music always makes it easier, especially during those boring middle miles and final tough miles.


I felt strong during the first few miles, but started feeling sluggish around mile seven. The good (and sometimes annoying) thing about RunKeeper is that it alerts you of your pace every five minutes. This is great when I’m trying to maintain a certain pace, but not so fun when I’m trying to have a nice easy run.

Mile 1 – 8:43
MileĀ 2 –Ā 8:33
MileĀ 3 –Ā 8:30
MileĀ 4 –Ā 8:51
MileĀ 5 –Ā 8:40
MileĀ 6 –Ā 8:42
MileĀ 7 –Ā 9:00
MileĀ 8 –Ā 8:46
MileĀ 9 –Ā 8:49
MileĀ 10 –Ā 8:27
Overall pace – 8:42

I had a difficult time maintaining this pace.Ā This pace would have felt great a few weeks before the marathon, but today it felt much harder than usual. I hope this just means I need another week of recovery.

Now, it’s time to enjoy another weekend of Oktoberfest festivities. There seems to be a different Oktoberfest celebration every weekend and I couldn’t be happier! I love this time of year.

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