Happy Friday!

Now that the weather is cooler in the mornings, Huck and I have gotten back into the routine of walking every morning. It makes such a huge difference! I feel much more refreshed in the mornings and Huck seems slightly less crazy. Also, it’s a good time for us to bond.


I saw this quote on Pinterest the other day and I couldn’t agree more! I may be the crazy lady who talks to her dog all the time, but he really has become my best friend. Whenever Brian is working or playing tennis late at night, I let Huck inside and he keeps me company. I’ve never been a big fan of being alone in my house, so having him around is awesome.


Today is a short day at work and I have an afternoon of wedding-related stuff to do. I’m excited for my first dress fitting this afternoon. It’s been sitting in my closest for a couple months and I’m anxious about whether it will fit on the big day. I bought it off the rack and it was on sale (yay!), but it’s several sizes too big. Hopefully, the seamstress is a magician!

I’m looking forward to running another 5k tomorrow. It’s been two weeks since my last 5k, so I’m hoping I can shave several minutes off my time. The weather should be much cooler and my legs have definitely recovered from the marathon by now. I feel ready to go!


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