Weekend in Tennessee

This past weekend, Brian and I (along with my entire extended family) drove to Oak Ridge, Tennessee to surprise my grandmother for her 80th birthday. We met at the Riverside Grille for lunch on Saturday. This restaurant not only has amazing food, but it overlooks Melton Lake and offers amazing views of the mountains. It was the perfect location for our 20+ person party.

While in Tennessee, I took advantage of the beautiful weather and abundance of running trails. Bright and early Saturday morning, I drove to Elza Gate Park, which is about a mile from my parents’ house. From Elza Gate, I ran along the Oak Ridge Greenway, which runs alongside Melton Lake. The course is gorgeous, especially with the fall colors and the early morning fog rising off the lake. I ran five miles before turning around in Haw Ridge Park and heading back. I surprised myself by maintaining a faster-than-normal pace. The chilly weather helped, plus running in a new area is always more interesting. There’s so much to see!



Views of Melton Lake

Early Sunday afternoon, Brian and I said our good-bye’s, climbed into the car and headed home. I started reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy on the way to Tennessee and managed to finish before our pit stop in Asheville on the way home. It made me feel bad for complaining about the cold weather all weekend and I wondered how I would fair in a post-apocalyptic world. Most likely, not very well. It also made me think about the type of people we become once our creature comforts are stripped away from us. What determines whether someone becomes a “good guy” or a “bad guy”?


It’s an interesting book – I recommend it! Now… what to read next?


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