Honda Turkey Run 10k

This morning, I ran the Honda Turkey Run 10k. It was an out-and-back course that started at the Honda plant in Timmonsville and weaved throughout some country roads. We were surrounded by cotton fields the entire time and the course was mostly flat with lots of long, straight segments.

I didn’t PR, but came pretty close (2 seconds), so I was happy with my time. A few people caught up with me during the last mile and I had to push really hard to stay with them. Even though it wasn’t a hilly course, it felt like a tough run because I was trying really hard not to get passed!


Last stretch!

The best part of the race was the whole wheat pancakes and sausage that was served to all the runners and walkers afterwards. YUM!

A lot of the runners from my run club came out, so it was nice to sit around and talk after the race. We were able to babble on and on about running, shoes, posture, upcoming races, etc. – all topics that would bore most of my friends to tears.


Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so I’m looking forward to another turkey trot in a few weeks!


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