Weekly wrap-up

I’ve been focusing on building my strength this week as I prepare for a potentially-hilly 10k in two weeks and a hilly half marathon in four weeks. I’ve had a harder time sticking to my mileage goals each day, but I feel like building my base in lieu of extra miles is important right now. Each morning, I run with Huck over a big hill near my house, so I automatically get my hill training out of the way – plus, it’s a lot easier with him tugging me along. 🙂

Monday: AM – 2 miles with Huck / PM – climb 1,000 feet on Jacob’s Ladder, row 1,500 meters, run 3 miles

Tuesday: AM – 2 miles with Huck / PM – Happy Hour!

Wednesday: AM – 2.1 miles with Huck / PM – Strength training

I used my 7-minute app, but incorporated different exercises. I did three rounds of 12 exercises and did each exercise for 30 seconds. I used 15-pound dumbbells, which was the perfect weight for some exercises (shoulder raise, bicep curl), but too light for many of the exercises. Time to buy more weights! I also decided that the wall sit is my new favorite exercise. You can do it anywhere and it burns!


Thursday: AM – 2.3 miles with Huck / PM – Sprint intervals

I did a 1-mile warm-up, then increased the speed every thirty seconds, beginning at 6.0 mph and increasing until I hit 9.0 mph, then decreasing again. Each set took five minutes, which was perfect, because I could pick a new song for each set. I did five sets total.

Friday: AM – 2.3 miles with Huck + foam rolling / PM – Intervals: 3.2 miles @8:15 pace – 10 min. stairs – 3.2 miles @8:09 pace – 10 min. stairs – 3.2 miles @8:13 pace

I had some kinks in my muscles after strength training on Wednesday, so I used the foam roller before and after my morning run. It hurt, but at least now I can walk around without looking like Frankenstein. My evening workout was pretty tough, but I wanted to get my “long” run out of the way for the week, since I’ll be spending most of the day in Beaufort today.



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