Movin’ on up

My surprise date last night ended up being a surprise birthday party with my fiancé and several of our close friends. My birthday isn’t until tomorrow, so I was definitely surprised! I had a great time and ended up having a couple Apple Pie Moonshine cocktails, so I wasn’t feeling quite as fresh this morning. Huck and I ran 1.2 miles before I did Day 4 of the Push-up Circuit Challenge.

I headed to the gym after work and I was looking forward to nice, long workout. I started off by climbing 500 feet on Jacob’s Ladder, then used the stair master for ten minutes. I alternated between walking every step for 2 minutes and skipping every other step for 2 minutes. After my warm-up, I did a quick abdominal circuit.

1 minute each of:
Plank Walk-ups
Plank Jacks
Right Side Plank
Left Side Plank

This was a great workout! I typically try to get my Plank Walk-ups and Plank Jacks done as quickly as possible, so doing each move for a full minute was challenging. I will be feeling this tomorrow!

I finished my workout with a 5.2-mile tempo run. My goal was to stay at or above 7.0 mph and I ended up with an average pace of 7:55. I’m glad that a sub-8:00 pace is starting to feel more “normal” and less “awful.”

Now, it’s X Factor night… which, in our house, means spaghetti and wine night. Yum! 🙂


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