Rainy Saturday

This morning, I went to a running clinic at my gym. I did a gait analysis and an injury screening, where I was stretched in several different directions by a Physical Therapist. He told me that my hips are tight, but I can reduce the risk of injury by strengthening my gluteus medius. He also introduced me to the Clamshell workout, which is a great way to build this muscle, so I plan to add that exercise to my to-do list.

After the running clinic, I ran a 6-mile progression run on the treadmill. It’s the middle of the day on a Saturday and I ran inside on the treadmill. I’m still a wimp about running in the rain…

I spent the rest of the day cleaning and getting ready for Birthday Party #2. I’m being selfish this year. I initially didn’t want to celebrate at all, because I’m a little sad about it being the last year as a 20-something. I made my fiancé buy princess decorations and an ice cream birthday cake. Nothing says “I’m afraid of getting older” like pretending I’m 12 years old!


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