Burn, baby, burn!

I’m loving this cold weather lately. It’s finally beginning to feel like fall/winter in South Carolina. 🙂

This morning, after a quick run with Huck, I completed Day 8 of the Push-up Circuit Challenge. I love 30-day challenges, because its easy to see results quickly. I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my strength in the one week that I’ve been doing this challenge.

I’ve realized that I need to focus on building my strength if I’m going to improve as a runner. I decided to skip the gym after work – I knew I’d just hop on the treadmill – and went home to do a body weight workout in my living room. I’ve been obsessed with the workouts I find on FitSugar, because they are typically quick, but very challenging.

This evening, I did the Rainy Day Runner’s Workout, followed by the 10-Minute Pilates Butt Workout. The Pilates workout was especially tough. Every inch of my glutes were screaming!



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