Florence Turkey Trot 10k

Today, I ran the Florence Turkey Trot 10k. It’s an inaugural race sponsored by Mellow Mushroom and it runs along the same course as the McLeod Medicine Challenge 10k. Initially, I was nervous. I’ve always run poorly on this course, so I’ve been training more than usual to make sure I don’t lose all the momentum I’ve built up. My goal was to hold back during the super hilly first half, then build up my speed during the slightly-less-hilly second half.

It’s one of the coldest mornings we’ve had in awhile, so I kept my mittens on until it was time for the race to start. I had my running buddy to pace me and my playlist to keep my motivated. What could go wrong?

I held back during the first half, then ramped up the pace during the second half, as planned. I thought there was a woman in front of us, so that kept me motivated during the first four miles. By the fifth mile, I realized that it was a man in front of us. That makes me first female! I tried not to think about too much, lest someone sneak up behind me. I pushed until the end and, although my time was no PR, it was definitely a course PR and a decent time for a hilly course.

It was a small race, so we were pretty surprised by the awesome, ginormous medals. My friend joked that I could eat my Thanksgiving dinner off my medal. Sounds good to me! 🙂




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