A of Taste Sloth Flu… and Humble Pie

After several weeks of non-stop shenanigans, my body has finally said, “no more.” I officially have Sloth Flu, also known as a cold coupled with the inability to drag myself away from any warm, cozy surface.

It started on Tuesday, when I came home for lunch and promptly fell asleep. I slept through Tuesday and Wednesday, but made it to work on Thursday.

I felt okay on Friday, so I decided to go ahead with my plan to run the Ocean Isle Bridge Run on Saturday. What’s a little congestion, right? I figured it was all in my head and I’d be fine.


The race started out fine. I felt kind of yucky, but figured it would disappear once the race began and I got into my groove.

The first two miles of the race run over the Ocean Isle Bridge and back. Brutal! I was not expecting this (should’ve looked more closely at the course map) and cursed the race planners in my head. I knew my legs would feel stiff for about a mile afterwards, but I was still feeling dead-legged around mile four.

Around mile five, I realized that hitting my goal would be much harder than I thought. My goal went from 1:40… to 1:45… to 1:48… Around mile six, we turned around and started running into a pretty strong head wind. That’s when I decided my goal would be to finish. Forget about having a respectable time, I just wanted this to be over.


I struggled through the next 7.1 miles. I had my awesome playlist, but it wasn’t helping me feel more awesome. Between the wind, humidity and left-over chest congestion and fatigue from being sick all week, I felt awful. I begged my body to puke, so I’d have an excuse to quit. DNFs aren’t that bad, right? The only thing that kept me going was knowing that my fiancé would be waiting for me at the finish line.

I finally picked up the pace near the 12-mile mark. I was almost done! Plus, I was in danger of getting passed by people doing run/walk intervals. Not today!

My overall finish time was a far cry from my goal… but I finished. More importantly, I learned my lesson and I’m planning to spend the next few days focusing on recovery. I’m going to wait until I’m completely recovered before I sign up for any more races. And, hopefully, I won’t get another bout of Sloth Flu.

Sloth Flu ain’t pretty…



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